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Making Lemon Drops

After a wonderfully perfect opening weekend of Pride and Prejudice you would think all my worries would be far away. Everything we worked for was a success!…but it wasn’t that way.  I was dreading Monday: the day I would get a wisdom tooth pulled.  “I can heal fast from just ONE right?” I thought it would be quick and easy, but when I got to the oral surgeon’s office, he had other plans for me. He thought it best to take out all four of them at once – which is normal – unless you have to sing the next Saturday. In that case, it becomes your worst nightmare. But what choice did I have? So I just went with it hoping for the best.  I left the office just like any other patient, still completely out of it and slept the entire day with a chipmunk face.

Sarah plays the piano as Nick and Kristin sing.

I was adamant the next day, however, about healing fast, and I’m pretty sure my will to get better helped me that much more.  I stayed home from work, sat in bed all day, practiced moving my jaw (it can get pretty hard to open your mouth afterwards)… anything to get me ready by Saturday. Thursday was my first day back to work since the surgery and everyone was pretty surprised at how fast I recovered.

Bennet sisters (clockwise from top left): Rose as Lizzy, Kristin as Mary, Taylor as Lydia, Elena as Jane, and Rachel as Kitty.

 You can do anything you set your mind to I guess; but for me, it was more than that. When I thought about all that I had sacrificed and put into the show – and not only me, but my fellow actors and director – I wasn’t going to let a few teeth get in the way of everything we had worked for! Every weekend is as important as the next, different crowds, different reactions…we need to be at our very best in every show!  And who cares if I’m still swollen? The way I see it, it gives Mary a little more character! And I will sing to the best of my abilities on Saturday and be proud of all the work all of us have put into this! As actors, we get the joy of escaping with our audience into another world for a few hours, but, unfortunately, we can’t get away from the realities of life forever.  You just have to learn to work with what you’re given. When life gives you lemons…make lemon drops!
— Kristin Tavares (Mary Bennet and Vocalist)

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Mary, Mary, Quite….Awkward

I know they say in theater that it is always easier to play a character who is the opposite of who you truly are. Well, no offense, but that is not how I felt the first time I read the script.  When I read the play for the first time all I could this was, “Wow. Mary Bennett is so…boring! I don’t even know where to start! She’s too serious and awkward.” Fortunately all that changed after the first rehearsal. My goal that night was to act so awkward that my director would ask me to tone it down. Thankfully, she didn’t and I couldn’t hold my laughter in all night long!

Mr. Bennet, Mary, and Jane

And it has been that way ever since! Mary’s awkwardness is the humor in the show, and I’m so glad I get to bring that to life. Don’t even get me started on her piano and singing skills! Let’s just say that you really do need to see the show for yourself to truly understand. I love my character and I hope to get the audience laughing as much as I do my fellow actors in the show. You’ve never known awkward until you’ve known Mary!

— Kristin Tavares (Mary Bennet)

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