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Lifting a Car While Cooking Dinner

Ulises studies his script during this week’s brush-up rehearsal.

I have been waiting for this moment. I wanted to speed up time to get to this weekend. This will be the first (and final) weekend that our entire cast performs together.

As the cast likes to say, “When Daddy doesn’t deliver, the Mailman does.”

Due to scheduling conflicts, I’ve been sharing my roles with Nick. He was there the first two weeks, I was there the second two weeks, and now we’ll both be performing this week. I wish I could have been there on opening night to see the whole performance, but now even better, I get to live the show with everyone. We’ve enjoyed great audiences throughout the run of this show, and even though this is our last weekend, I still get a little nervous before going on stage. But, as with many actors, I love to use that “nervousness” and channel it into adrenaline. And all this waiting has me feeling like I could lift a car while I cook myself dinner. I just need to get on stage and share that wonderful stage with my cast mates. The show has evolved over the past month, and it almost feels like a whole new play!

Ulises Toledo stands in for Mary while Nick Kempen plays the Mailman (a role they share).

I hope you enjoy the show, because if the audience enjoys it, I enjoy it 5 times more.


Are you?

Well… you better be! Watch this classic novel live on stage.

P.S. The music is great, especially the singing. (Whoops…I hope I didn’t give away too much information!)


— Ulises Toledo (William, Uncle Gardiner, and the Mailman on Saturday, May 12th and Captain Denny and Mr. Reynolds on Sunday, May 13th)

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The Five Sides of Mr. Toledo

This will a challenge for me because I am playing several different characters (five to be exact) and each has an elaborate history. Luckily, they are all fun to embody and bring to life and the director and I are working on ways to bring out the best of them. There’s so much humor in this story – it’s everywhere. Sometimes when we rehearse the whole cast is overwhelmed with laughter, so I know the audience will have bursts of laughter every now and then also. Just thinking of those laughs makes me smile. There can never be too much happiness, so come and laugh.

Ulises Toledo plays five characters in our production.

We’re setting the show in the 1940s which was a wonderful era for clothing and fashion. The way people dressed was just so elegant. Whenever a person left the house they looked fancy. I sometimes wish I could dress like that without people staring and it’s interesting to see that some of the fashion trends from the era have been resurrected today. I’ve longed to be part of a play like this, and now that I am, I’m giving it my all and relishing these moments. The play is coming together very well and I know that the atmosphere in the theatre will transport the audience to another era.

I am especially glad to part of such a diverse cast that reflects our community. I am proud to be performing in my own city’s community theater.

— Ulises Toledo (Ensemble)

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